Eric Hanson is a filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer. He has spent the last several years filming climbers and canyoneers in Zion National Park for the recently released documentary film ZION: ROCK OF REFUGE.

Living in Southwest Utah provides a unique opportunity to explore the Southwest and document the lifestyle of climbers, canyoneers, backpackers, and vagabonds. He is a gear tester for Backpacker Magazine. He has contributed to Backpacker Magazine, The OR Daily, and Etched Magazine.

Muddy Feet


Backpacking TV

August 25, 2014 General 0 Comments

Life has been moving extra fast lately. In many ways, I feel like things are shifting. I have spent a long…

Patience and the Creative Process

May 29, 2014 General, Photography 1 Comment

For the vast majority of artists, it takes years, sometimes decades, for there to be much of a payoff. The craft…

BACKPACKER Magazine Gear Tester

January 12, 2014 General, Photography 2 Comments

I’ve long held the belief that if you pursue what you are passionate about, good things will happen. I’ve always loved…

A Muddy Thanksgiving

When many people were at home with their families for Thanksgiving, watching football, eating turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and…