Eric Hanson is a filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer. He has spent the last several years filming climbers and canyoneers in Zion National Park for the recently released documentary film ZION: ROCK OF REFUGE.

Living in Southwest Utah provides a unique opportunity to explore the Southwest and document the lifestyle of climbers, canyoneers, backpackers, and vagabonds. He is a gear tester for Backpacker Magazine. He has contributed to Backpacker Magazine, The OR Daily, and Etched Magazine.

Muddy Feet


Tourist vs. Traveler

March 10, 2015 Photography, Travel 5 Comments

Here’s a riddle for you. It was midday, the 16th of August, when the bus dropped me off. Five days later, I…

How I Crapped My Pants 20 Times. Or, Climbing Cotopaxi.

February 28, 2015 Photography, Travel 6 Comments

Warning: This gets vulnerable and messy, but it’s an honest account of my climb up Cotopaxi There’s no ifs ands or butts…

This Week in Photographs

February 24, 2015 Photography, Travel 0 Comments

Weird, alien-like plant life high up in the mountains. I like what I see. An overlook on the way up Imbabura….

A Journey Begins

February 13, 2015 General, Travel 2 Comments

The hum of the engines surround with blank noise. I’ve slept on and off, thinking about this journey that is only…