Anyone who is pursuing an art form as a way of life knows, it is hard as hell. I know quite a few people who are pursuing some form of art in a significant way. People who are trying to earn an income through writing, painting, doing photography, or making music. We struggle. I often feel like I have to work so hard, only to get nowhere. Like I have been striving against the wind.

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July 27, 2013 by Eric Hanson Photography, Travel 0

A Night with Glaciers

A crisp half-moon illuminates the upper reaches of the glacier-crusted rock.  My two companions, my brother Dave, and an old friend named Jeremy, have gone to bed. I am alone.

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A Journey of Discovery

I still remember the sense of dread I felt as graduation approached. I was a few weeks away from a business degree and gainful employment. But rather than feeling eager to take on this new venture, I felt uneasy and unsettled. This isn’t quite right, I thought.   I felt like I was meant for more than a 9 to 5 job that meant little more to me than a source of income.

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The Carpenter

I spent the last eight days hiking and camping in the wilderness of the Utah desert with young men with varied histories. Some struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Some have suffered terrible abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to be their protectors. And some had made such terrible life choices that they found themselves plucked out of their normal environs and woke up in the middle of nowhere. Each week of work I find myself humbled to be in a position of influence with people who desperately need direction, love, and mentoring. This last week was no different. As a staff team we chose a theme for the week, one that could hopefully offer a helpful metaphor for our lives.

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