February 13, 2015 by Eric Hanson General, Travel 2

A Journey Begins

The hum of the engines surround with blank noise. I’ve slept on and off, thinking about this journey that is only just beginning. There is something wonderful about the beginning of an adventure, the possibilities seem so limitless. Many of my most cherished memories happened through extended travel in foreign countries.

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August 25, 2014 by Eric Hanson General 0

Backpacking TV

Life has been moving extra fast lately. In many ways, I feel like things are shifting. I have spent a long time working on photography and film, writing, and always pursuing an adventurous, fulfilling life. And this work has really begun gaining momentum. Basically, I want to share about some of the things I am fantastically excited about. Two weeks ago I went to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show to work with Backpacker Magazine’s affiliate SNEWS, which is a Business-to-Business industry news outlet.

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May 29, 2014 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 1

Patience and the Creative Process

For the vast majority of artists, it takes years, sometimes decades, for there to be much of a payoff. The craft of an artist is constantly being honed, tweaked, refined, and pursued in order for an artist to be able to produce substance and quality. Guys like Donald Miller and Jeff Goins, regularly talk about work ethic and how that can often be more important than sheer talent. Talent without work ethic can only get you so far, just ask Matt Leinart, or 90% of NFL draft picks. Take a solid work ethic and pair it with a liberal dose of patience, and you’ve got a powerful one-two punch. A meteor shower in Zion National Park It’s easy to get frustrated that success, recognition, or financial rewards don’t come as quickly or as liberally as we would ideally like, especially when its so easy to find a slew of people younger than you that appear to just fall ass-backwards into “success.” Patience is a quality that is often lost on this generation. But it is so valuable. Last year I had a conversation at work with a wise coworker, a therapeutic instructor, that stuck with me. When I asked him what he […]

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January 12, 2014 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 2

BACKPACKER Magazine Gear Tester

I’ve long held the belief that if you pursue what you are passionate about, good things will happen. I’ve always loved the outdoors, hiking and exploring, photography and writing. And those things have always had their own intrinsic reward. Simply getting out and being in nature, photographing a sunset or a slot canyon, has been rewarding enough by itself that if I spent my life on that, I would be happy and feel like I had a life well spent. Finding what you love doing might just be your most important job here on earth. If you love what you do, regardless of your bank account, you are a rich man. So to have an opportunity like what just presented itself, well, it just feels like an extra special blessing on top of all the other things I am grateful for. I recently received some exciting news. BACKPACKER Magazine has selected me to be one of their four new gear testers for 2014. I will also be working with them at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. Hundreds of outdoor companies will be represented at the Outdoor Retailer show. I will be there reporting on what’s […]

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A Muddy Thanksgiving

When many people were at home with their families for Thanksgiving, watching football, eating turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pie, I was camping amidst the red rocks of Utah. I was working for ten straight days in the wilderness. I was already disappointed to be working over Thanksgiving, but what made it worse was that a massive storm walloped us for three days. This was a doozy of a storm too. With air temperatures around 38 degrees, the wind was howling, blowing rain sideways and destroying our tarp shelters. Trying to staying dry, or warm for that matter, was futile. Not only were we cold and wet, but the loose red earth quickly turned into a muddy soup. Anywhere I stepped my boots sank deep into the mud. I was miserable.

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