A Journey of Discovery

A Journey of Discovery

I still remember the sense of dread I felt as graduation approached. I was a few weeks away from a business degree and gainful employment. But rather than feeling eager to take on this new venture, I felt uneasy and unsettled. This isn’t quite right, I thought.


I felt like I was meant for more than a 9 to 5 job that meant little more to me than a source of income.

Then a friend told me they were about to travel around the world on some experimental trip called the “World Race.” Travel the world, serve God, live an adventure – the alluring idea captured me on many levels. My faith had been important to me, but it felt incomplete. And I had felt that incompleteness in the depths of me for some time. My faith was essentially a set of rules to abide and wrote verses to memorize and ascribe to.

But this journey ripped me out of my comfort zone and cast me headlong into wilder places – the deep end of the world.

Class of Monks

And I needed it. I needed to experience life outside the image driven bubble of North Scottsdale, a place where teens drive Mercedes and Hummers to school.

Through my travels I discovered that there is more to this life than padding ourselves with comfort, diversions, and security. God invites us into a story. As Christians, the Gospel is not about giving us tickets to watch a play unfold from the balcony. It’s more like we’re participating in a flashmob.
We are in on it.

I witnessed a hermit in Costa Rica, a man who had been outcast from his family and community for 40 years cry out to God. This man received love and redemption, and I was privileged to be a part of it.
I was there in Mozambique, surrounded by people who received healing. The blind received sight and the lame walked. In this place desperation turned to joy, and the people danced!

I was in the outer reaches of the Himalayas, holding on for dear life as I rode on a motorcycle with a complete stranger. A band of men, together trusting that God knew what He was doing and that He would provide for us when we were totally dependant upon Him.

I was changed by experiencing life in the unpredictable, uncomfortable places in the world.
I was changed by a journey that introduced me to a fresh side of God.

Where is your journey taking you?

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