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Launch Your Dream

Launch Your Dream

How many of us like to sing in front of a crowd of people? Only a small percentage choose to do it. The rest of us would rather not. We’d rather not be judged, or humiliated. We’d rather not put ourselves out there, because we’d rather not give others a golden opportunity to think less of us.

Starting any creative endeavor can feel like getting on stage in front of a crowd, singing your heart out, only to hear David Hasslehoff tell you he’s seen more talent in lumps of plastic. We look at others who have already started successful things, and wish we could be like them, that we could start something that a hundred thousand people clamor over.


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But everyone who ever got “there,” started “here.” With no momentum and a fear of being judged.

Sometimes we just need to accept that the fear exists, and move past it. We need to launch what we dream about. What we are passionate about. Put ourselves out there. Damn the critics and just go for it. Come what may.

So here is my launch.

I am making a short film documentary on Zion National Park. I am filming big wall climbers (people climbing 2,000-foot slabs of rock) and canyoneers as they descend into world-class slot canyons (basically cracks in the earth). I will be telling the stories of the adventurers who are taking risks and exploring the places where few have ever been. I will show the beauty of a national park that, despite its popularity, is essentially unexplored beyond the shuttle stops. So much of Zion’s terrain is extremely difficult to access, and requires technical gear and skill to get to, that almost no one has seen what Zion has to offer.

My plan is to show you those places.

I also need help in making this a reality. So I launched a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Check out the project video and join me in making something beautiful.

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