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A Night with Glaciers

A Night with Glaciers

A crisp half-moon illuminates the upper reaches of the glacier-crusted rock.  My two companions, my brother Dave, and an old friend named Jeremy, have gone to bed. I am alone.

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But I am unable to sleep. There is so much beauty surrounding me it feels fake, like a Hollywood movie set. I am completely engulfed by the jaws of the Andes, an impressive stretch known as the Cordillera Blancas. A few miles away stands the captain, a peak named Huascaran. Huascaran is the tallest mountain in Peru, taller than Denali, at 22,200 feet tall.

The three of us are trekking a 25 mile loop trail that will take us up and over a 15,000 foot pass, and we are having an adventure.

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