Shut Down? Climbers Still Climb

Shut Down? Climbers Still Climb

Government shutdown got you down? Not these guys.

Government Shutdown?

Four climbers ascend the route known as Tricks of the Trade in Zion National Park. The route is one of the most difficult climbs in Zion, and follows a crack in Isaac Peak. Issac is a landmark familiar with Zion tourists. Millions of people see the peak every year and know it as part of the Court of the Patriarchs, a series of three peaks bearing biblical names; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The climbers began their ascent Monday night, securing their permits just hours before the government shut down the National Parks. By the time Zion National Park was actually shut down, the climbers were already hundreds of feet off the canyon floor, unaware of the news and well out of reach of the government.

The climb took three days to top out, as the climbers spent two nights sleeping precariously on the side of the near 2,000 foot sandstone wall. The climbers were part of a film project documenting climbing and canyoneering in Zion National Park, which is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Belaying from a precarious perch.

Bivvy Camp

A room with a view. The climbers make their camp for the night on a small ledge above the canyon floor.

The climbers work at dizzying heights.

On Top

At the top. The climbers enjoy the view and a snack. They then rappel all the way down the wall, almost 2,000 feet, to an eerily empty National Park.


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