August 1, 2016 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 0

Brendan Leonard on Becoming a Writer and Doing What You Love

Becoming a writer, a filmmaker, or a photographer is hard. But there is good news. Most people who consistently work hard tend to make it. Yet let’s not work hard at the wrong things. I decided to reach out to people who have accomplished something unique, interesting, and inspiring in order to glean wisdom. I want to learn from those who have done it in order to help me accomplish my own goals. My intent is that their answers can help others who are working in a creative field. Brendan Leonard is an author, filmmaker, climber, and outdoor adventure guy. He recently released his second book, Sixty Meters to Anywhere. The book is truly wonderful. I highly recommend picking up a copy. I asked Brendan four questions about the path he has taken in his creative pursuits. – What was the most important thing (such as a trait, habit, or action) that helped you reach some sort of tipping point towards positive things, or “success,” in your life? “I think putting my writing online on my website at and making a genuine effort to write something high-quality every single week (even though I wasn’t getting paid for it) did more for my writing […]

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