Searching For the Rainbow in the Mountain

Peru has simply been amazing. I love Peru. So it was not a surprise that I ended up spending two months in this country and having some truly memorable experiences. Not least of which was the remarkable area surrounding Ausungate, the largest peak in the Cusco region. I ended up doing two treks in the area, one traditional circuit around Ausungate, and one very non-traditional search for Vinicunca.

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April 24, 2015 by Eric Hanson General, Photography, Travel 1

Trekking Alpamayo: Searching for the World’s Most Beautiful Mountain

Turns out, it’s not easy to get to the world’s most beautiful mountain. Alpamayo, located in the heart of the Cordillera Blancas in Peru, has long attracted climbers and trekkers for its stunning beauty. In the 60’s, a German magazine conducted a survey of climbers and photographers, polling them on what mountain was the most beautiful in all the world. 19,500 foot Alpamayo came out on top, and Peru has been touting that claim to fame ever since. Having been to the Cordillera Blancas twice before without witnessing the mountain’s beauty with my own eyes, trekking back to it during my travels this time around was a priority. For those interested in trekking here themselves, perhaps this could be useful. Here’s my¬†“travel notes” style description of the 8 day trek (I recommend doing it in 9 days). Victor wrangles the donkeys Day One: It took about 5 hours to get to the trailhead via collectivo, a rickety van that seats 12 people, but fits upward of 26 people if the driver so desires. Four hours of this drive and you are on the craziest, most zig-zag-winding, steep, beautiful road I’ve ever been on. In the town of Vaqueria we met […]

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A Muddy Thanksgiving

When many people were at home with their families for Thanksgiving, watching football, eating turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pie, I was camping amidst the red rocks of Utah. I was working for ten straight days in the wilderness. I was already disappointed to be working over Thanksgiving, but what made it worse was that a massive storm walloped us for three days. This was a doozy of a storm too. With air temperatures around 38 degrees, the wind was howling, blowing rain sideways and destroying our tarp shelters. Trying to staying dry, or warm for that matter, was futile. Not only were we cold and wet, but the loose red earth quickly turned into a muddy soup. Anywhere I stepped my boots sank deep into the mud. I was miserable.

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