September 3, 2016 by Eric Hanson General, Uncategorized 0

A Plea for Wild Places

To the decision makers in the Navajo Nation Council, I understand you are considering the future of a portion of the Grand Canyon, one that would irrevocably change not only the physical landscape but the spirit of the canyon as well. I know that you will weigh your options, and choose the course that is in your people’s best interests. But I ask that you consider my voice, as well as the voice of many outsiders, who believe that the Escalade Project would be nothing short of a tragedy. Just last week, I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Upon my return to the bustling world above the rim, I learned of the news that the Escalade Project has officially been proposed. My name is Eric Hanson. I am a photographer in Flagstaff, Arizona. And the Grand Canyon has played a significant role in shaping who I am. I wrote the following as a response to learning the news about the Escalade Project. A Plea for Wild Places For eight days, life was as beautiful as one could ask for. I fell asleep each night under the stars as the Milky Way passed overhead. Each morning I woke […]

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