January 17, 2017 by Eric Hanson General 0

A Rotten Walnut and the Key to Success

My generation struggles with patience. Many of my peers and I spend a little time working hard, and then we expect the rewards and recognition to follow almost immediately. We are easily frustrated by a slow and steady approach, especially when the Internet is readily throwing examples of the super-fast super-successes in our face. At family gatherings I often hear stories about how dirt poor my grandma’s family used to be growing up in the Dakotas. For example, one year my grandma received a walnut as her lone gift for Christmas. But when she opened it, the walnut was rotten on the inside. That was a rough year.

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May 29, 2014 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 1

Patience and the Creative Process

For the vast majority of artists, it takes years, sometimes decades, for there to be much of a payoff. The craft of an artist is constantly being honed, tweaked, refined, and pursued in order for an artist to be able to produce substance and quality. Guys like Donald Miller and Jeff Goins, regularly talk about work ethic and how that can often be more important than sheer talent. Talent without work ethic can only get you so far, just ask Matt Leinart, or 90% of NFL draft picks. Take a solid work ethic and pair it with a liberal dose of patience, and you’ve got a powerful one-two punch. A meteor shower in Zion National Park It’s easy to get frustrated that success, recognition, or financial rewards don’t come as quickly or as liberally as we would ideally like, especially when its so easy to find a slew of people younger than you that appear to just fall ass-backwards into “success.” Patience is a quality that is often lost on this generation. But it is so valuable. Last year I had a conversation at work with a wise coworker, a therapeutic instructor, that stuck with me. When I asked him what he […]

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