January 2, 2017 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 7

Best of 2016

Whew, it’s been quite a year. It can be easy to forget all the amazingness one year can contain. So I decided to go through and cull my favorite images I shot this year. Some of these you may have seen, and others this is their first time seeing the light of day. If you have a favorite, please let me know in the comments below! Without further ado…

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August 9, 2016 by Eric Hanson Photography 2

How to Become an Adventure Photographer

There are two rules on how to become an adventure photographer. First, you must go on adventures. Second, you must take lots of photos. Revolutionary stuff right? Many people want to be Chris Burkard or Jimmy Chin, getting paid mega bucks to travel the world and shoot top athletes. But how do you actually do it? I was recently sitting in on a Q and A with Chris Burkard, who now has close to two million followers on Instagram and shoots huge commercial projects all over the world. He was talking about how he got his start by living in his van and eating hot dogs every day. He was photographing random surfers and trying to make a buck any way he could. He lived the dirtbag lifestyle. He lived off student loans to pay for his camera gear and his hot dogs. It was risky. But it laid the foundation to get a job as a photographer at a surf magazine. He then spent years working under the restrictions of deadlines and editors. But he gained the tools to become a world class photographer. Burkard gave a TedTalk about the key to his success. What set him apart was […]

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December 31, 2015 by Eric Hanson General, Photography, Travel 8

2015 Year in Review

2015 is a year I will cherish. It was chock full of adventure, growth, challenges, and rewards. Personally, it was my most daring year, full of the most unknowns and risks. And in many ways, the year turned out better than I could have hoped for.

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May 29, 2014 by Eric Hanson General, Photography 1

Patience and the Creative Process

For the vast majority of artists, it takes years, sometimes decades, for there to be much of a payoff. The craft of an artist is constantly being honed, tweaked, refined, and pursued in order for an artist to be able to produce substance and quality. Guys like Donald Miller and Jeff Goins, regularly talk about work ethic and how that can often be more important than sheer talent. Talent without work ethic can only get you so far, just ask Matt Leinart, or 90% of NFL draft picks. Take a solid work ethic and pair it with a liberal dose of patience, and you’ve got a powerful one-two punch. A meteor shower in Zion National Park It’s easy to get frustrated that success, recognition, or financial rewards don’t come as quickly or as liberally as we would ideally like, especially when its so easy to find a slew of people younger than you that appear to just fall ass-backwards into “success.” Patience is a quality that is often lost on this generation. But it is so valuable. Last year I had a conversation at work with a wise coworker, a therapeutic instructor, that stuck with me. When I asked him what he […]

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Anyone who is pursuing an art form as a way of life knows, it is hard as hell. I know quite a few people who are pursuing some form of art in a significant way. People who are trying to earn an income through writing, painting, doing photography, or making music. We struggle. I often feel like I have to work so hard, only to get nowhere. Like I have been striving against the wind.

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