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This Week in Photographs

This Week in Photographs


Weird, alien-like plant life high up in the mountains.backpackershot1

I like what I see. An overlook on the way up Imbabura.bushyanddogridge

Eric climbing the mountain with our guide dog, Oso.cactussymetry

Cacti grow even at 14,000 feet.cragdogs

Gnarly rocks, gnarly climbers.happymountaindog

Oso, such a good dog.lagodemojando

The beautiful Lagos de Mojanda.seaofclouds

A sea of clouds envelopes the mountain.viewfromtop

A small window to valley, thousands of feet below.volcanic

The inner workings of Imbabura.yarina

Yarina, youngest daughter of the family we lived with.

Cascadas de PeguchePeguche2

Makes you wanna stare and wonder for a while.peguchetunnel

Eerie and beautiful.riverscurve

The twists and turns of a good story.eruptingclouds

Volcano-like clouds erupting.waterfight2Water fight during Carnavalewaterfight4

Things gettin out of hand.

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