Eric Hanson cinematography reel. 

Matt and Sarah Park (@theBusLife) have been living in their van, a converted Chevy Express, for the last two years. Together they live a life most people dream about. But it's not always easy, especially when Matt is 6 foot 7 and Sarah is 5 foot 9. Neither one is a small person. Matt and Sarah share some of their lessons, the logistics of their van, and why they choose to live in their beloved vehicle. 

Made with support from Gear Junkie


Music video for Tow'rs.

Tow'rs wanted to perform one of their songs in a rather unique location and called upon my knowledge of slot canyons around Arizona in order to perform and film. Shot in a lesser-known slot canyon in Northern Arizona. 


Spine of the South is a timelapse film composed of series of photographs I shot during my seven-month journey down the Andes, from Ecuador to Patagonia. 

Music: Porcelain, by Tow'rs.